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The Chimney Doctor LLC began in January of 2006. We started as a small sweep and repair company and have been fortunate enough to build great relationships with a handful of homeowners and realtors alike. We have combined over 30 yrs of chimney experience. Honesty and knowledge are what The Chimney Doctor is built on. Our professional staff prides themselves in quality workmanship, efficient service, and homeowner safety as a priority. Although we have grown significantly we still consider ourselves a small business that is proud to serve our surrounding communities. We continue building strong relationships with our clients and are excited to open our new showroom this coming fall to display a the products we so proudly offer.

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Why are chimney caps recommended?

Chimney Caps protect your home and chimney, and not to mention saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Caps are meant to keep out rain, various animals nesting in your chimney and to keep sparks from landing on your rooftop causing possible fire hazards. 

             Why do I need a Liner and is it necessary?

A liner may be needed if the original existing liner is missing and/or damaged  OR if  you are installing a new heating element requiring optimal venting performance.  It is necessary to have a properly sized  liner for efficient draft and to maintain safety, meeting code requirements to current regulations. We recommend and use M-Flex Smooth Wall  2-ply Stainless Steel  Liners  with a Lifetime Warranty.

             Why does my chimney smoke up the house?

Chimneys may smoke for several reasons, yet it's best to have a qualified technician diagnose the problem. The most common mistake is that a few homeowners simply forget to open the damper in the firebox or there may be an obstruction in the flue forcing the smoke back into the home. Also at times the design of the firebox, smoke chamber, or an undersized liner may not be architecturally correct causing the draft to vent into the home instead of upward towards the chimney. Some chimney stacks are built too short in reference to the roof line.  A short chimney can cause a decreased draft which doesn't allow the smoke to rise outward. A proper chimney must also be above the roof line and away from trees or other structures nearby in order to clear any gusty wind disturbances causing induced downdraft problems. A cold flue can also cause smoky chimneys because colder temperatures in the flue cause smoke to draft back out into the room. This is easily solved by rolling up a piece of newspaper, lighting one end, and holding it up into the throat of the chimney. You can also use a hair dryer to blow warm air to reverse the flow back up the chimney. After you have "primed" the flue you may light your fire. 

            Why does my house smell like musty soot?

Musty odors are caused by rain getting down into the chimney and soaking into the creosote consolidated unto the inner walls. It is important to keep the moisture out by installing a Stainless Steel cap to prevent future washouts and to have a regular maintenance sweep to rid the soot. If you already have a chimney cap in place and the problem persists, then you  need a qualified technician to check the exterior of the chimney for leaks. A locktop damper (opened and closed by a pull chain) can also be installed for issues with directional rain getting down into chimney. These caps are made to completely seal off the top of the flue and to prevent rain from seeping in. Another culprit of musty odors can be linked to negative pressure in a home, this may cause the draft to reverse it's course into your home. This is fixed by simply opening a window or door easily solving the issue of musty odors.